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Bluekey AI Technology excels in creating advanced AI algorithms for personalized student assessments, offering tailored academic and career advisory support to optimize learning outcomes for international undergrad students.

Highlight Bluekey AI’s unique B2C approach, focusing on personalized support for international students and their parents.

Optimizing Learning Outcomes for International Students

At Bluekey AI, we cater to the unique challenges of the growing international student population in North America, with solutions tailored to their specific needs and challenges. 

Unlocking Students to Reach Their Full Potential

Learn how Bluekey AI bridges the gap for international students in North America by providing crucial services like personalized assessments, academic and career advisory support, and our unique ‘My Study Mum’ program, addressing their specific challenges and enhancing their educational experience.

Innovative Support

Personalized Assessment

The AI-Enhanced Constructive Bloom Framework (AICBF) integrates AI-driven technologies with educational theories, offering customized, adaptive assessments for international college students across various skill areas, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and Constructivist principles.

Academic Advisory

Our Academic Advisory Support program connects international undergraduate students with experienced or former institutional advisors for virtual guidance, offering personalized assistance to help them reach their academic and career aspirations.

My Study Mum

Our My Study Mum program, featuring bilingual support, provides international undergraduates with instant Q&A assistance, onboarding help, and serves as the main contact for overseas parents, easing the challenges of studying abroad.

Career Advisory

Our Career Advisory Support links students with career advisors and experts for guidance on internships and career paths, ensuring a smooth transition from study to professional life before graduation.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Personalized Assessment

The AI-Enhanced Constructive Bloom Framework (AICBF) is a new framework that combines AI-driven technologies with Bloom's Taxonomy and Constructivism, designed for international college students. It features AI-powered customization of assessments based on student profiles and adaptive learning algorithms, applied across various skill areas through a stage-based approach integrating cognitive skills and Constructivist principles.

This segment begins with AI analyzing behavior styles and personality traits using DISC and Big 5 OCEAN Tests. It progresses to AI-driven cultural case studies and motivation analysis, where students apply learned principles. The final stage involves creating projects for improving intercultural interactions, with AI providing feedback.

AI assesses English proficiency and other languages, followed by practical applications involve AI-driven communication simulations for practicing ethics, compliance, and leadership, along with AI-assisted activities for enhancing time management skills. In the advanced communication stage, students develop complex communication strategies, with AI providing analysis and feedback on these strategies.

The assessment of cognitive abilities starts with the fundamental concepts stage, where basic mathematical skills and verbal reasoning are evaluated through AI. In the problem-solving stage, students face AI-adapted abstract and numerical reasoning challenges and participate in critical thinking exercises. The strategic thinking stage involves complex problem-solving tasks that require advanced critical thinking, with AI assessing the students’ performance.


Based on on student’s profile and career goal, we tailors technical skill assessments, encompassing areas like AI, Microsoft for Business, data science, algorithm testing, computer and statistical coding, financial model math coding, and up to 50 other skills, to individual student profiles using AI customization and adaptive learning algorithms. This approach integrates Bloom’s cognitive skills and Constructivist principles, adjusting assessments in real-time based on student responses for a comprehensive and dynamic evaluation of technical competencies.


The AI-Enhanced Constructive Bloom Framework (AICBF) Assessment not only customizes and adapts assessments in real-time based on individual student profiles, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles but also tailors career preparation to align with students’ enrolled programs and majors, providing professional industry insights and training for readiness. This comprehensive approach integrates a stage-based application to various skill areas, including career readiness tests across 30 occupations, ensuring a thorough and relevant preparation for students’ future careers.


My Study Mum

My Study Mum is a unique and innovative program designed to support international students in their academic and personal journey abroad. It provides a nurturing and supportive environment, bridging the gap between home and the challenges of studying in a foreign country. Through personalized guidance and mentorship, My Study Mum helps students navigate cultural differences, academic pressures, and social integration, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling educational experience. This program not only focuses on academic success but also on emotional well-being, offering a family-like care and attention that is crucial for students away from their families.

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