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At Bluekey AI Technology, we are dedicated to transforming the international undergraduate educational experience through our advanced, data-driven technology. Our focus is on providing bespoke learning solutions tailored to the unique needs of a diverse student population from countries like South Korea, China, Japan, the U.S., France, Mexico, and India. We aim to revolutionize how students navigate the complex landscape of academic and cultural challenges abroad, fostering an inclusive, connected, and personalized educational environment.

Our vision extends to creating a holistic educational experience that not only addresses academic challenges but also cultural assimilation, ensuring a sense of belonging for all. By integrating cutting-edge analytics with personalized learning strategies, we strive to empower students to succeed academically while gaining a rich, culturally diverse experience. At Bluekey Technology, we’re committed to redefining the global educational journey, preparing students for a connected and globalized world.

Team Story

At Bluekey AI Tech, our diverse team of tech experts, educators, and dedicated supporters collaborate to transform the international undergraduate educational experience. Alongside, our university advisors bring deep insights into student success strategies. The ‘My Study Mum’ program further enhances our holistic offerings, ensuring international students receive the nurturing support they need. Together, we are committed to providing each student with tailored guidance and a sense of community.

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Press Release by University of Toronto Entrepreneurship

2023 Desjardins GoodSpark Grant Winner

Official Partner with UofT MScAC for 2024

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